The Philly Roll 2017

Open mat with an open mind

 Fishtown | Philadelpia, PA

Limited: 30 Black Belts / 30 Brown Belts / 30 Purple Belts

The Philly Roll: Open mat for an Open mind

Since founding Balance Studios in 2002, the Migliarese Brothers, Ricardo and Phil, have welcomed all Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, regardless of affiliation, to train at Balance.  

Now, after 15 years of sharing their school's facilities with others, the Migliarese Brothers want to open up the Team Balance Global Headquarters in Fishtown for a unique opportunity for Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts of all types to meet up, train, and eat in a relaxed, casual, and family-friendly atmosphere.  

Register today; all you need to bring is the right attitude and a white gi.

The Philly Roll

212 friends joined our last event 

212 total participants (7/23/17) 51 black belts - 37 brown belts - 38 purple belts - 46 blue belts - 40 white belts

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The Philly Roll is hosted @ Balance Studios HQ

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this year’s event.

  • Phone: 1 (215) 988-9347

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Limited: 30 Black Belts / 30 Brown Belts / 30 Purple Belts

Hosts and guests

We’re still finalizing our full slate of guests, but here’s just a sample of who’s already on board. 

Phil Miglarese

Co-Founder of Balance Studios 

Co-host of "The PhillyRoll"

5th degree Relson Gracie Black Belt

Ricardo Miglarese

Co-Founder of Balance Studios  

 Co-host of "The Philly Roll"  

4th degree Relson Gracie Black Belt

Steve Austin

Founder of Sion BJJ and Apparel 

Black Belt

John J. Disimone 

Owner/head instructor Maxercise/Ribeiro

 1st degree Black Belt  

Marco Perazzo  

Owner and Founder of New Jersey Martial Arts 

2nd Degree Black Belt

Will Martinez 

Martinez BJJ  

 Bellator Vet 

Machado Black Belt

Jesus Martinez

Martinez BJJ  

 Bellator Vet  

Machado Black Belt

Daniel Tavares

Daniel Tavares Academy

Black Belt

Rich Komar

Owner and Founder of Komar Jiu-itsu

2nd Degree Black Belt

Tim Carpenter

Hellfish Bjj

 Bellator Vet 

3rd degree Black Belt

Eric Johnson

Osagami BJJ  

Black Belt

Frank Kraus

Kraus Academy

Black Belt

Kenny Brach

Owner and Founder of Brach MMA/BJJ

1rst Degree Black Belt

Ricardo Rivera

Balance Studios Instuctor 

Black Belt

Anton Berzin

UFC fighter/CFFC Champion  

1rst Degree Black Belt

Joe DeLaurentis

Owner of

Black Belt

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Limited: 30 Black Belts / 30 Brown Belts / 30 Purple Belts


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